2019 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro third generation model

Toyota’s 2019 tacoma TRD Pro third-generation model brings some impressive upgrades. The new TRD desert air intake, this towering air intake channel not only makes the whole car look more domineering, but also allows the pickup truck to enjoy the high clean air, which is a great improvement for the vehicle’s off-road performance. The suspension system has also been redesigned.

Appearance aspect

2019 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro third generation model The coolest feature of the 2019 tacoma TRD Pro is the new TRD Desert Air Inlet. Most people will call it a snorkeling system, but we think Toyota’s team of lawyers will stop using official terminology. Although the snorkel technology technically allows the vehicle to be disconnected when rushing into deep water, the air intake system is designed primarily to obtain cleaner air from high altitudes and environments where dust and dirt outside the engine compartment are typically flying around. The focus is on keeping the air filter for a longer period of time and thus making the engine more durable. A clean air filter also helps prevent small dust particles from entering the engine, increasing premature wear. The TOYOTA logo is printed on the grille and is equipped with Rigid Industries’ beautiful LED fog lights. 2019 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro third generation model In addition to the air intake, the 2019 Tacoma TRD engine guard adds a new set of red TRD logos, with a TRD mid-end exhaust pipe (Catback Exhaust), a 16-inch alloy wheel and a P265/70R16 Goodyear. Wrangler Kevlar all-terrain tires are paired with each other, and the 2.5-inch Fox Racing Shocks suspension also adds a touch of Tacoma TRD Pro.

Interior aspect

2019 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro third generation model Since the tacoma TRD Pro is the latest in Toyota off-road, the interior has not been updated. This means that the model is still a black seat and a red contrast line, plus the TRD logo in between, and the TRD logo on the shift knob. The navigational Entune system works well with the John Bradshaw Layfield sound. Unfortunately, this system does not support modern technologies such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, but it is equipped with a Qi wireless charging pad.

Power aspect

2019 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro third generation model The 2019 Tacoma TRD is powered by a 3.5-liter V6 engine and two gearboxes. The six-speed manual transmission is standard, but the six-speed automatic transmission is optional. The engine has a maximum power output of 278 horsepower and a peak torque of 359 Nm. Power can be transmitted via an electronically controlled two-speed transfer case. Under normal driving conditions, only the rear wheels receive power, and a part-time 4WD can be provided when the driver uses the system. The Tacoma TRD Pro comes standard with an electronically locked rear differential. When in the four-wheel drive low gear, the driver only needs to press a button, the rear wheel locks the two tires together, regardless of the traction, can rotate at the same speed. 2019 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro third generation model The 2019 Tacoma TRD also has two special features – Toyota’s multi-terrain selection and crawling control. Multi-terrain selection has five drive modes for a variety of terrains, including mud and snow, gravel, sand, snow, and rock. Each mode changes settings through traction control, ABS, throttle response, transmission shift mode, and more. The creep control is like a low speed cruise control. The driver chooses the speed, and the pickup truck maintains speed by controlling the throttle and brakes on its own, allowing the driver to focus on steering control. Crawl control also helps to distribute traction to the wheels. But unfortunately, it is understandable that these systems are not suitable for manual transmissions, so you’d better buy a model with an automatic transmission.

Price aspect

2019 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro third generation model Toyota did not announce the price of the 2019 Tacoma TRD Pro at the 2018 Chicago Auto Show, but we don’t expect major changes. For reference, the 2018 model is priced at $41,520. To this end, the Tacoma TRD Pro features a standard double cab with a short compartment configuration with a six-speed manual transmission. If you choose six speeds, the price will be pushed to $43,520. Keep in mind that the six-speed automatic transmission includes not only the transmission system, but also multiple terrain selection and creep control systems.

Toyota Tacoma vs Chevrolet Colorado Comparison

Although Toyota Tacoma and Chevrolet Colorado are not produced in Tacoma and Colorado, we have arbitrarily set the starting and ending points of the test drive in these two places. Tony, the editor of the co-driver, even complained that the highway along the way had no challenges for the two cars. The whole journey was nothing more than a boring high-speed cruise and photo shoot. And I don’t think so. Although these two medium-sized four-wheel drive pickups are fully capable of coping with all kinds of difficult off-road conditions, daily commuting and cargo hauling are also their main tasks, and they can provide comfortable rides in daily use. The environment has also become the purchasing standard for more and more consumers. Therefore, as a veritable multi-purpose vehicle, any kind of test has its practical significance. The two pickups participating in the comparison were the new TacomaTRDOff-Road4x4 double-row short-seat version from Toyota and the ColoradoLT double-row short-seat version from Chevrolet. The Toyota Tacoma in our hands is still a prototype production car, which may be slightly different from the final production version. It is priced at $37,765 (approximately RMB 238,800), while the Chevrolet Colorado is priced at $38,720 (about RMB 245,500). We plan to depart from the foot of Mount Rainier in the southeast of Tacoma, and we will travel nearly 2,100 kilometers to reach the Peak of Pike in Colorado. However, with the mild off-road testing and expedition plans outside the mid-way plan, the journey may exceed 3,000 kilometers.

Ford Ranger and Dodge Dakota have been discontinued in the US market. Nikko Frontier and Honda Ridgeline pickup trucks are niche models in terms of sales, while GM did not launch the current Chevrolet Colorado and the brother model GMCCanyon until 2012. Therefore, during this period of time, the mid-size pickup truck market was occupied by Toyota. Although Tacoma’s last change dates back to 2005, it does not affect its dominant market share. Last year it sold more than 155,000 units. However, such continued excellent performance is also a very dangerous thing, and it is bound to attract the attention of other competitors. GM launched a new mid-size pickup last year and opened a new factory in Wentzville and Missouri, in an attempt to form a foothold with Toyota in this market. GM plans to sell 115,000 units in Colorado and Canyon in 2015. This is definitely a contest between real and real guns. We didn’t see much innovation on these two pickups. They still use a steel body and a trapezoidal frame with a leaf spring back suspension. In addition, both of them chose the naturally aspirated V-6 engine for power. In the full-size pickup class, aluminum bodies, turbocharged V-6 and even V-8 engines have long been commonplace, and rear axle designs with air suspensions are beginning to emerge. Perhaps in order to consider the differentiated configuration of the models, Toyota and GM have chosen to adopt conservative designs on these two models. Although GM has introduced turbocharged diesel engines in this class, they must be aware that manufacturers such as Nissan and Honda have begun to focus on the launch of next-generation models. Nissan Navara and Honda Ridgeline’s new models will soon be available. Bring to market. In the future, when consumers face more and better choices, if Colorado and Tacoma still adhere to the status quo, how long can they rely on user loyalty?

Affected vehicles: Toyota Tacoma 2008 ~ 2014 pickup trucks and tires that were installed by Toyota or dealers before the vehicle was first sold.

Problem: The company or dealer incorrectly marks the pickup tire size or tire tire pressure coefficient on the tire label. When the owner installs the tire or inflates the tire according to the wrong mark, it will increase the probability of the vehicle tire failing or the tire bursting, that is, the probability of the vehicle accident will increase, posing a threat to the driving safety of the owner.

Solution: Toyota will notify the owner and dealer of the faulty vehicle by mail this month, and the car manufacturer will also prepare the corresponding solution. This is the third time Toyota recalled the pickup truck this year and the second recall of the Toyota Tacoma pickup truck. At the beginning of this year, Toyota recalled about 109,000 Toyota Tacoma pickups due to the possibility of an increase in electrical resistance in an electronic component of the brake transmission. For the information on the number of recalled pickups, we still can’t know for a while, and China’s pickup network will continue to pay attention.

Buy a car cover: understand the base

A car cover is an essential accessory for anyone who does not have a garage to protect their vehicle during long periods of inactivity. Before buying a covers toyota tacoma 2014 for your car, you must first consider the features and types available.  The car covers come in many different types and sizes, so you will need to learn the basics before you find the ideal solution to protect your vehicle.  Finding the perfect car cover to protect your vehicle for long periods of inactivity can be difficult, because there is a wide variety of brands, types and materials. However, it is important to keep your vehicle away from the elements and the weather, especially if you do not have garage space to store it. Here’s all you need to know to buy the perfect cover: A car cover is like a piece of clothing protecting your vehicle, protecting it from the elements, dust, bumps and even opportunistic thieves . However, different covers are designed for different purposes while different materials and models offer different levels of protection.   A blanket designed for external use must provide protection from bird droppings, falling leaves and small branches, hail, snow, rain and even sunlight. On the other hand, leaving your car exposed to the elements can cause serious damage to the paint over time and increase the risk of bumps and rust.

Choose your car cover: adjusted or unadjusted

A car cover can be adjusted or inadequate, the latter being generally the cheapest of the two options. However, an unadjusted cover will probably not be able to fully envelop the car, leaving parts of the vehicle exposed to the elements. Because the wind can get below the poorly fitting cover, the cover could even end up scratching the car.  Fitted covers are generally much more expensive because they are designed for particular car brands or models. However, a fitted blanket offers a much higher degree of protection , and if you park your car outside, it’s often better not to use blankets at all than to opt for a blanket that’s too big and does not cost cheap.

Avoid waterproof car covers

When shopping for a car cover , you might assume that a waterproof model will be the best option available. The problem with so-called waterproof covers is that, while they protect against water, they also retain moisture condensation inside the cover, and this can cause, for long periods, serious damage. A waterproof cover is really useful as a second cover, placed on top of the first designed for internal use. However, you would usually be much better off buying a waterproof cover made from breathable materials that help the condensation evaporate while blocking most of the weather.

Consider a car cover for the interior

While keeping your car in a garage will greatly help protect it for long periods of time, using an indoor cover can provide an extra layer of protection, especially if the vehicle remains unused for many months. An indoor cover is used to protect the car from dust, bumps and other problems.  Inner covers are usually made from polyester, cotton or a combination of both. They do not provide weather protection, so you should only use them for vehicles kept inside a garage. When your cover is combined with a waterproof cover, it also becomes suitable for outdoor use.

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